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Our Core Values

Our core values not only define us, they drive us.  They guide us in creating mixed-use and residential communities and neighborhoods that follow traditional urban design principles, enhance the quality of life of visitors, residents and tenants and elevate the economic vitality of their communities.  They are:

Our work is meaningful and impacts our employees, our communities and our customers. We understand that through our work we have tremendous influence over many lives. Through our unique management style we encourage the pursuit of happiness for our employees; through effective design we can improve a neighborhood; through charity we can bring hope to the less fortunate; through our public space we can make people laugh on their way back to the office.

Respecting our productive resources: the environment, our workers and our capital. We understand that productive resources are the means to many ends and that without a fundamental respect for these, a short-term gain at the expense of one will become a long-term loss for all.

We seek solutions that go beyond the ordinary and satisfy new customer aspirations. The very existence of the company and its greatest success is innovation, not because of a grandiose scheme or profound discovery, but because every individual is encouraged to continually seek improvement in their own work.

We are relentless in the pursuit of our goals. Where many competitors may have given up, we hold to our goals and firmly pursue them. We do not settle for the average or readjust our goals; we seek new solutions and find the means to make things happen. This does not mean we inconsiderately fight for our way, but that we clearly and firmly define for ourselves the right way to do something and then we work to share that truth.

We foster open relationships so that communication will always flourish. We expect our employees — at all levels — as well as our vendors and our partners to voice their opinion responsibly and respectfully without repercussion. We believe in win-win relationships. If a relationship is not perceived as win-win by either party then we will work on changing that perception. We believe that in every working relationship each party is accountable for regularly and clearly communicating expectations and concerns.