Who We Are

Founded in 1993 by Yaromir and Patricia Steiner, Steiner + Associates has built a track record of development excellence that clearly establishes the firm as one of the industry’s most respected developers. Operating out of the firm’s corporate offices at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio, Steiner’s award-winning development team is focused on creating profitable retail and mixed-use environments and committed to a model that builds long-term value.

The results of that commitment have been extraordinary.

Over the course of the last two decades, Steiner has virtually redefined regional retail: developing, leasing and managing projects that emerge as true destinations, capable of drawing from the largest trade areas. All told, Steiner has built, developed, leased and managed more than $2 billion of projects comprising more than 9 million square feet of retail and mixed-use space.

Accomplished in development, property management, financing, and leasing, Steiner + Associates is a truly integrated development company. Steiner has the size, resources and relationships to execute even the largest and most complex projects, while still maintaining a level of flexibility and adaptive expertise that allows the firm to be responsive to an ever-changing market. And while the firm’s sophisticated understanding of how the pieces of the development puzzle fit together remains a signature Steiner + Associates asset, it is the flexibility and adaptive skill with which Steiner applies those insights to a wide range of successful projects and a diverse slate of development scenarios that truly distinguishes the firm’s work.

Whether it is reinventing an underperforming regional mall, or developing a ground-up mixed-use town center, Steiner projects set the standard: destinations that outperform the competition and define the retail and mixed-use marketplace.