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Property Management

Steiner + Associates’ successful track record clearly demonstrates the impact that a strong management team can have on the long-term financial success of a project.

Steiner’s strategic and sustainable approach to property management is driven by value creation and cost control while also maintaining properties at the very highest levels. The company’s accounting, budgeting, reforecasting and reporting systems are among the most sophisticated in the country. Steiner delivers exceptional value driven services – including event planning, project animation and marketing – and their security philosophy and systems have become the benchmarks for the industry.

Steiner has customized property management software, MRI, to streamline the lease flow process through lease administration, budgeting and ultimately into financial reporting allowing the company to be more efficient and effective. Steiner is a strategic partner with MRI, assisting them in the development of future releases and providing input regarding best practices.

Working with both private and public partners, such as Limitedbrands, Inc., Steiner is able to tailor its reporting structure and systems to individual partners’ needs. With the Limitedbrands example, the creation of these reports within their system has allowed the company to automate most of its processes, enabling them to do more with less staff.