What We Do

Master Planning

As the country becomes more populated, resource-constrained and interconnected we are seeing the densification of the urban and suburban fabric of America. Communities are reinventing themselves and new neighborhoods and gathering places are emerging. In general, we are seeing higher densities with mixed-use cores that are following traditional urban design principles and highly focused on sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.

The retail component of these projects is inclusive integrating the daily “need based” uses with “want based” specialty and leisure time uses. The residential component is highly integrated and provides scale, connectivity and community. The office use is creative, responsive and inclusive and the hospitality component connects the community with the rest of the world.

We help others to create, through a combination of vision, knowledge and time tested results, projects that increase social interaction, improve quality of life, enhance the economic and civic fabric of the communities to which they are connected and drive performance for their owners and investors.