Zona Rosa

A mixed-use gem in Northland.

A fast growing market.
The 1.3 million square feet mixed-use Zona Rosa is located in Platte County. Platte County is ranked the No.1 fastest growing county in the Kansas City Metro area and 26th fastest growing county in the nation. It is also ideally situated in one of the most robust retail development corridors in Greater Kansas City.

A unrivaled experience for an upscale community.
Zona Rosa boasts best class retailers, restaurants and entertainment uses in a walkable, town center environment. Platte County is the second wealthiest county in Missouri. Over the last seven years, it has experienced the highest average new home sales prices among all eight counties in Greater Kansas City.

A regional draw
Located directly off two major highways, Zona Rosa has an estimated daily traffic count of more than 168,000 vehicles. Sitting in this prime location, Zona Rosa’s outstanding tenant mix, experiential environment and outstanding demographics make it a true regional draw and destination.