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Easton Community Foundation

Easton Community Foundation

When you use a meter at Easton, you aren’t just paying to park.

You’re helping fund the work of the Easton Community Foundation. That includes efforts like our Change for Charity meter program, Cornerstone Event Partnerships and Community Outreach Programs.

Every aspect of the Foundation is a joint partnership with our community and Easton visitors, like you. So each time you put quarters in a meter or make a ticket payment, you’re helping to benefit youth and family-focused organizations in central Ohio.

Community Outreach
From college scholarships to high school mentorship programs, a youth advisory council and community volunteers we call ‘Easton Ambassadors’, we reach out to the central Ohio community throughout the entire year in order to actively engage area students, parents, teachers, churches and civic groups. Each spring, the foundation awards scholarships to eight graduating students at four local high schools. And each month, we host and organize leadership forums and community service projects as part of our Mentorship Program, as well as solicit feedback from our Youth Advisory Council. Finally, we organize and support local area civic organizations, teachers, churches, and other area leaders who volunteer to ensure a helpful, safe, enjoyable experience for all who visit Easton.

Easton Cornerstone Event Partnerships
By attending Cornerstone Events hosted at Easton Town Center, your support helps raise the money necessary for vital institutions focusing on family health in central Ohio. These events have included Once Upon a Night to benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Celebration for Life to benefit The James Cancer Hospital, and An Evening of Hope to benefit the Center for Child & Family Advocacy.

Change for Charity Meter Program
The Change for Charity Meter Program is one of the most recognizable components of the Easton Community Foundation due to the direct relationship that exists between your parking meter and ticket payments and local charities. Change for Charity designates a new organization every two months to receive a portion of the parking meter proceeds and ticket revenues generated at Easton Town Center and Easton Gateway.

Easton Community Room and Booth
For central Ohio community groups interested in public exposure and interaction, there is no better location than Easton. Organizations classified as 501(C)(3) may utilize a highly visible community booth inside the Station Building and/or a private community room at no charge. Space is available on a first come, first served basis.

“When you use a parking meter at Easton, you are not simply putting quarters in a meter. Together with your friends and neighbors, you are providing meaningful support for central Ohio youth and families.”

– Yaromir Steiner, CEO of Steiner + Associates