Mixed Use Projects

Mixed-use dynamism yields sustainable synergy

Steiner + Associates has long leveraged the power of connection to elevate commercial spaces into sustainable mixed-use urban environments. Steiner’s mixed-use portfolio displays a range of projects that have not only changed the national retail equation in profound ways, but have also changed how people interact in their communities.

From Easton Town Center in Columbus to Liberty Center in the Dayton-Cincinnati Metroplex, Steiner’s groundbreaking and genre-defining mixed-use developments include a range of vibrant village, town, neighborhood and city centers where people live, work, shop and make memories. Steiner’s work demonstrates that, when executed correctly, mixed-use environments that promote and expand traditional urban design and place-making principles can create sustainable synergies and memorable experiences. These dense urban environments increase the social interaction of residents, workers and users, improve quality of life, and ultimately enhance local and regional economic development.