Curbside Pickup is Great for Everyone, But it’s a Headache for Malls

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By Parija Kavilanz, Published by CNN Business Updated 1:38 PM ET, Mon June 29, 2020 New York (CNN) - Curbside pickup has exploded in popularity over the past few months and retailers and mall operators are rushing to catch up. The service allows customers to place orders online with a store and then drive to [...]

Picture Perfect: How Easton’s Sunset Drive-In Theater Brought Joy During A Pandemic

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In early March 2020, the United States ceased non-essential business to combat the spread of COVID-19. At Easton Town Center in Columbus, this meant retailers would temporarily close their doors, and a wide array of iconic, family-friendly events—memorable experiences that our center is famous for—would be canceled. As our team brainstormed ways to reopen safely, [...]

What is Really Hurting America’s Malls

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Over the past few years, you may have read that America’s malls are dying. That the internet and online shopping is killing them. That department stores’ failure to keep up with the times is killing them. That, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent restrictions is killing them. Many in the industry talk about [...]

Recession Lessons Part 4: Yaromir Steiner

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June 5, 2020 | Published by ICSC’s Shopping Centers Today Photo by Phillip Pessar Contributing editor Anna Robaton spoke with thought leaders from different corners of the industry, and all agreed on at least one issue: There are no perfect historical parallels for the COVID-19-induced downturn. Our series on lessons learned during recessions continues with [...]

A Reset for Restaurant Sustainability

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Increasingly, the public is becoming aware and concerned of the extent to which we’re responsible for stressing the earth. We’re wasting too much food. We’re not recycling as much as we think we are. Our food supply chains are fragile and unsustainable. We’re concerned about the disappearance of bees and pollinators. These concerns preceded COVID-19, [...]

Navigating Lease Negotiations with Retailers During COVID-19

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As a retail real estate developer, we do not have a business if we don’t have retailers who are successful and happy. When an impromptu crisis such as COVID-19 happens—in which the entire country’s physical retail operations are unexpectedly stopped at the same time—the landlord-tenant relationship becomes affected in ways that existing legal documents are [...]

May is the Month of Reckoning for Retail Landlords, Tenants

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By Joan Verdon | May 3, 2020 It’s May and this is the month of reckoning for retailers and their landlords. With malls and stores across the country closed since March, and half of those stores in default on their April rent, retailers and landlords have tough decisions to make. This month, if they can’t [...]

5Qs for Yaromir Steiner on the Shutdown

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By Al Urbanski | April 22, 2020 Shutting down Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio, is like shutting down a small city. The 3 million-sq.-ft. property has three hotels, 50 dining and drinking establishments, hundreds of shops, and a new urban district with a substantial residential community. To find out just how bad a big [...]

COVID-19: Real Estate or Operating Merchant Business?

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In just a few short months, everything has changed. In the chaos and confusion of the early days of the pandemic crisis, it was necessary to set aside concerns about the big picture. Commercial developers and retailers alike had to take care of the immediate priorities of ensuring the health and safety of their team [...]

COVID-19: Survival of the Fittest (Retail Environment)

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There is already interesting discussion and debate about how the industry is going to change and what is going to be different in a post-COVID world. Those are important conversations to be having, because those changes are going to be significant and pervasive. While some of the predictions of an immediate radical transformations are excessive, [...]