Preparing for Expected Growth in Central Ohio

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Published in UrbanLand By Katarina Karac | July 15, 2019 The population of Columbus, Ohio, is growing rapidly, surpassing that of San Francisco, according to U.S. Census Bureau data from 2018. Central Ohio is on a path to become a region of 3 million people by 2050. In light of the expected growth, local leaders, [...]

The Town Builders

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Developers have stopped building malls and started making places. Consumers who can buy anything they desire using the little computers in their pockets no longer have to drive to the mall for a new dress, sofa or TV. At the same time, Americans are becoming more urban and they will walk to stores if they are in their neighborhoods.

New estimates say central Ohio could be home to 3 million people by 2050

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This year's State of the Region report, to be released today, says new projections based on recent population shifts and building trends show the overall population in the region perhaps nearing 3 million in 34 years.

More Retail Developers Adding ‘Live/Work’ Elements to Lifestyle Center Plans

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“Retail developers are increasingly tweaking well-established formats for lifestyle centers and malls in an effort to capture tech-savvy millennial shoppers who have now become the nation’s largest and fastest-growing retail consumer segment.” Download "More Retail Developers Adding ‘Live/Work’ Elements to Lifestyle Center Plans” CoStar.

Retail Developers are Increasingly Adding Homes to the Mix

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“The proverbial corner of Main and Main, long a hub for high-visibility retail, is now in unprecedented demand for urban housing. Instead of duking it out for site control, however, developers from these once-warring factions are joining forces to share space, nudged by changing market demands and pressure from lenders, cities and environmentally conscious consumers. Worldwide, nearly all site plans for new retail development and [...]