Live. Work. Play.

Commercial Property Executive, September 25, 2016

The newest demographic groups may have very particular preferences, but technology, building materials and design innovations offer plenty of alternatives to stay on pace.  A look at upcoming trends in how people live, work and play will help you to determine how best to improve your properties.

An excerpt from the article:

Much of the development that is occurring is mixed-use. Yaromir Steiner, founder & CEO of Steiner + Associates in Columbus, Ohio recently opened Liberty Center near Cincinnati. The 1.3 million-square-foot first phase includes office, hotel and housing space, along with dining, cinemas and other entertainment options. Steiner said 25 percent of phase one is non-retail, and that number will rise to 50-50 when Liberty Center is built out in the next eight years. The emphasis is on gathering spaces because younger generations—Millennials and Centennials—don’t consume as the older generations have, instead preferring to have shared experiences in social settings.

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